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What is Healing?

Healing is a Holistic approach. It is a flow of spiritual energy between the healer and the recipient that works with the body, mind and spirit. It is about restoring balance in your life, in your relationships with others and about expressing feelings. It is especially helpful in crisis situations and with terminal illness. Healing deals with the "Dis-Ease" at its deepest level and frees our natural resources to work in the most effective way for us. It can stand alone as a therapy and has no harmful side effects. It is a process, above all, to help you to help yourself. Healing is a completely natural process.

What Can Healing Do For Me?

Healing is beneficial in different conditions. It is a process of revitalization, relaxation and release at a profound level. It helps our body to adjust and heal spontaneously at its own pace and in its own way. Healing seeks out the underlying cause as well as the "presenting symptom". This can mean that the outcome of a healing session may be beneficial in an unexpected way and not necessarily immediately: for example you may feel a sudden benefit days later or gradual improvement over a period of time. There may be times when you experience some kind of emotional release as part of the healing process. Sometimes the process is obvious, sometimes more subtle.

How Often Do I Need To Go For Healing?

One session may be sufficient, but it is more usual that several sessions are needed. If you are experiencing healing for the first time it may take you two or three sessions to relax into the process and enjoy the full benefit. You can always discuss progress with your healer.

Do I Need Faith?

No. Healers work from a wide range of philosophies and many simply see their ability as a natural resource. Nothing special is expected of the patient, however, except perhaps openness to anything that happens and a degree of trust in the healer.