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Know About Snehal Rupani

I Snehal, am a Theta healing practitioner and teacher with an extensive experience in a wide range of healing modalities.

I am amongst the 3rd generation in my family of healers, with deep knowledge of varied healing modalities and a well-rounded approach to my practice. Inspired by the elders in my family who were practicing various healing techniques like meditation, numerology, palmistry, face reading and healing through touch, my spiritual journey started at the age of 6. Owing to my early connect with spirituality, at a young age itself I understood the effects, thoughts have on emotions and on life. Seeing my close family suffer from sicknesses like cancer and Parkinson’s, created a desire to search and understand the real and deepest essence of life, and its connection to mental / physical disturbances that people experience in life.

Life changing incidents created a strong desire in me to understand life from the universal perspective - to understand life at its purest form on the soul level, to know pure truth. This quest led me to learn various healing modalities viz Theta Healing, Chakra Healing, Graphology and Aura Reading, to name a few.

I was blessed, to have an opportunity to learn directly from Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing technique, and I have since then helped many students and others seeking healing to benefit from this modality. I have been practising Theta healing since 2011, teaching since 2015 and working as a Practioner and Trainer in Mumbai, Pune and Chennai with a loyal following of clients and students.

“Healing people is my passion and I love to help to resolve their issues and empower people to transform their life.”

I am equally passionate about teaching people as I believe that it will help people to heal themselves and be independent, to take charge of their own lives. Teaching helps me to reach out to many people at once, showing them the path to be able to create their own reality. There have been countless instant healings and I humbly credit them to the Creator of all that is.

I truly believe that my purpose in life is to assist people who wish to bring change in their own lives at all levels - mind, body and soul. I am available for all those who need me to resolve and bring change in their situation and bring a new perspective to their existence.

- Snehal Rupani

Extra Credentials

• Chakra Healing

• Applied Hypnosis

• Past life Regression

• Children and Teenage Counsellor

• Parent Reflections Counsellor

• Trauma Release Technique

• Emotional Freedom Technique

• Art of Meditation

• Aura Reading

• Space Healing


  • Master
  • Science
  • Basic DNA
  • Advanced DNA
  • Dig Deeper
  • Animal Seminar
  • Disease And Disorder
  • DNA 3
  • You And Your Significant Other
  • You And The Creator
  • You And Your Inner Circle
  • You And The Earth
  • Intuitive Anatomy
  • Manifesting And Abundance
  • Planes Of Existence
  • Plant Seminar
  • Rainbow Children Young Adult
  • RHYTHM To A Perfect Weight
  • Soul Mate
  • World Relations
  • Basic DNA Instructors
  • Advanced DNA Instructors
  • Dig Deeper Instructors
  • Animal Seminar Instructors
  • Disease and Disorder Instructors
  • DNA 3 Instructors
  • You and Your Significant Other Instructors
  • You and the Creator Instructors
  • You and Your Inner Circle Instructors
  • You and the Earth Instructors
  • Intuitive Anatomy Instructors
  • Manifesting and Abundance Instructors
  • Plant Seminar Instructors
  • Rainbow Children Instructors
  • World Relations Instructors
  • Instructors Manifesting and Abundance
  • Instructors Soul Mate
  • Instructors RHYTHM
  • Family Ties Seminar
  • Hormone Symphony
  • Game of Life
  • Wealth Consciousness